Killing Goliath

by Killing Goliath

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released June 16, 2012




Killing Goliath Barneveld, Netherlands

Killing Goliath was founded with one single purpose: make honest, fast and passionate hardcore.

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Track Name: Take Over
Let Your kingdom come
Let Your will be done
Let it be on earth
As in heaven

My friends are struggling
Held back by some disease
Choked by their addictions
Divorce awaits their family
Their past it hurts and haunts them
and they can't let it go
I feel and share their pain
Like it is my own

All this brokenness ain't Yours
This does not fulfill Your plan
So take over my life
and let Your love reflect all that I am
Show Your glory in my life and in the life of all my friends
Some don't see You as their Savior
So I pray on their behalf

Let Your kingdom come
Let Your will be done
Let it be on earth
As in heaven

Search me o God, and know my heart
Test me and know my anxious thoughts
See if there's any offensive way in me
And lead me into the way everlasting
Track Name: All I Need
From the depths, I'm calling You out
I can't seem to feel You no more
I'm screaming for Your presence
My throat is running soar
As the days are passing by
Doubt is start, it's starting to rise
Try to feed my mind with the Truth
The devil attacks me with his lies

Back in those days this was a time
This was a time of giving in
But I'm not giving up
I won't return to parted ways
For I know the pain that it brings
Only satisfying in the beginning
Lying on the floor
Dear God, please break through this silence!

I still remember those days
Filled with Your Glory
I felt the warmth of Your love
Reading scriptures and story's
Like an anchor in my hands
I hold on to those days
For I know when I press on
Those days will come again

Back in those days this was a time
This was a time for giving in
But I'm not giving up
I won't return to parted ways
For I hold this hope in my heart
The only thing that keeps me going
So I keep pressing on
Holding on to Your Truth!

I walk alone or so it seems
Truth is You are here with me
And truth be told that's all I need
It's all I need
You're all I need!
Track Name: New Directions
Not! Your! Average sunday morning
Where lives are being made new
Your light has set our hearts on fire
Your word ignited the fuse
A calmness I just can't describe
Your peace and love filled my mind
As I learned the truth about Your ways
With healing power and saving grace

'Till this day I was busy working
Making my dreams become reality
Even though it was fulfilling I know
it'll never make me this complete
And if You say so, I'm willing to let go
'cause above all I want to know you more
I'll continue my way tomorrow
Jet as a different man than before

The next few months you've showed me
Another purpose waiting for me
But there was a price, for in order to get there
I had to let go and set myself free
I'll be honest it wasn't all easy
Fought many battles with doubt and my pride
A chance for God to show more of his greatness
And fulfilling the promises He made for my life

I fall on my knees
Reach out my hands
I give my trust to You my God
By Your word
Not by what I see

Jesus, You're all that I've got!

Tried to explain it to my friends
But they can't seem to understand
how I just gave up the life I've lived
I pray my words will stick to your mind
and that one day you will open your eyes
so that not only you would understand
But that you start believing yourself!
I pray you start believing yourself!
Track Name: Lost The Way
Sometimes I walk on the edge of darkness
My feelings like to push me off the wall
In the black hole of frustration, anger and sadness

I’ve lost the way

Mountains to high to climb.
Can’t seem to find the solution to my situation
Can’t find the answer, believe me I tried I tried them all
But I sank deeper, deeper and deeper

I’ve lost the way

These are the moments I put my trust I You,
Father You’re the light, You’re the Way.
You're my way

Today I killed my goliath!